Locally Grown

By: Sebastian Faura

I live in Denton. Anyone who lives here is aware of the very abundant, thriving local culture that I would argue defines the city’s scenery and charm, as well as being home to one of the largest colleges in the state. Alongside this is the distinct and unique nature of the local small businesses, which generally get a lot of good attention from residents of the DFW area. Occasionally, though, these businesses themselves make mistakes any business would, and sometimes have earned the same negative publicity as a result of these mistakes.


Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Source: Dallasobserver.com

One notable incident that comes to mind is a cardinal sin of public relations: Attacking your publics, and letting your emotions get the better of you. I understand that tensions can get high, but as a representative of a business, it’s on you to keep a generally professional demeanor, something that Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio didn’t do when they made a suicide joke in reference to their conversation with the Tron Collective. While the Tron Collective made mistakes in reference to following clearly outlined rules regarding the venues policy, it is still in no way right to make any sort of references like that, nor is it right to go on and insult the people who criticize you for your reaction.


Donuts by Denton Square Donuts. Source: Foodspotting.com

Another instance of local business making distinct mistakes is Denton Square Donuts. While they were still in business, they had the right idea of posting to multiple social media channels. However, they made multiple mistakes: Their tone of voice was very frantic, they posted generic content on such a rapid basis that it clogged up the feed, and made blatant mistakes in spelling and punctuation.

Both of these businesses are closed now. For what reasons may be besides the issues listed above, but certainly enough, the ones listed played a distinct role in the mismanagement of the business overall.


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