A Last Request

By: Sebastian Faura

Sometimes, there are cases in life that are, unfortunately, an inevitable result. Some of these cases are those that have their lives cut too short for one reason or another, whether it’s a tragic accident, or a terminal condition. However, there are those who go the extra mile for these individuals, and they truly are the exemplar of human empathy. Today, we’re going to recognize a couple of these individuals and groups.


The Pixar movie “Up”.

Back in 2009, Pixar had just finished the development of their latest movie, “Up”. However, there was one fan who desperately wanted to see it, and didn’t have a lot of time to. Her name was Colby Curtin, and she was sick with Vascular Cancer, rendering her unable to go to a theater and see it. In response, Pixar sent out an employee directly to her hospital with a copy of the movie, giving Colby the opportunity to see it. Colby passed away later that very night, but her last wish had been fulfilled.


John Cena, after granting his 500th wish.

This next person isn’t so much recognized for one thing as much as he’s being recognized for the massive list of accomplishments that arise from him. John Cena, while being best known for his association with WWE (and also being made into an infamous meme), is also a philanthropist, and is the highest Make A Wish granting celebrity to date, with over 500 wishes granted. His commitment and goodwill towards others is a standard not many can match.



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